In the heart of Milan, MU dimsum is the best place for enjoying the Hong Kong authentic flavors in an elegant and polished location. In a large and luminous space, the warmth of the wood (called MU, in Chinese) dominates the room, from the comfortable convivial tables up to the large mezzanine in a unique but well-subdivided environment. Guests are encouraged to use those multifunctional spaces in different circumstances during the day, both for dining and for working situations.

MU dimsum is the Milanese ambassador of the authentic traditional Chinese cuisine. Its specialty is dim sum, but all dishes reflect the Cantonese flavors and the great gastronomic history of Hong Kong.

MU dimsum is not just a simple restaurant, but a “place” in which to fully experience the Chinese culture at the table, thanks to a cuisine that combines the best organic raw materials with the tradition of Cantonese cuisine. Customers can enjoy the typical convivial atmosphere suggested by the dim sum tradition: they can eat with the legendary morsels to share, accompanied by more than ten varieties of Chinese tea, for an authentic yum cha. Or they can taste the main dishes, while sipping a cocktail or a good glass of wine.

MU dimsum is always open (24/7 and from 12am to 11pm) and the staff is always ready to make every meal special.